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Green Walls

Custom Made

In case you or your project requires special construction specifications with any type of artificial trees, plants, and elements, Fairytale's Green Walls department is here to propose and execute exactly what you have imagined! We are always open to follow your instructions and specifications  for your desired custom requirement. Watch everything you have imagined coming to life in Realtime, Fairytale Green Walls will surely amaze you!  For even more personalized services, Fairytale Green Walls can develop your custom application from scratch. Send us photos, sketches or simply convey your idea and we will take care of the rest.


Our goal is to always thrive for the best possible results and to keep our customers satisfied. We have a well trained team ready to fulfill professionally your order and also to encounter any upcoming difficulties with ease.

Hand Made

We have the fantasy and the experience to make our own design decorations and products that can be used as a fairytale décor at your place. We are using the best quality materials so we can achieve a long lasting lifespan of our décor products.


Fairytale designs, develops and distributes the most lifelike artificial plants, trees flowers and green walls worldwide. We are dedicated to deliver smart astonishing deco solutions for any residential, professional, or public space through our endless and everlasting AGD's (Artificial Greenery Designs) which responsibly simulate nature at its best.


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Fairytale Green Walls

Ευγενίου Βουλγάρεως 6, Limassol, Cyprus


Tel.: +357 70088098 / 25  250325

Fax: +357 250305


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