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A spheroidal spine with natural stripes for an amazing lifelike appearance, is decorated with tiny, asteroid but harmless prickles, placed in a textured cement pot of overall height 45 cm. As symbol of the Mother Road "Route 66", extending from Arizona to Patagonia, it is an emblematic addition of all those who seek adventure.
•Combine it with cement or sand pots and planters, artificial sanseviereias and aloes, creating a desert twist in your space.
• Place it as a centerpiece on a weathered, porch table and complement your decoration by placing the iconic "bunny ears" as a set of 2 in your home entrance. It is certain that they will make an impression!
• It is suitable both for indoor and outdoor spaces and will stay sparky for a liftime, with its zero maintenance. Cactus symbolizes selfless maternal love as well as power for life and survival, which transcends all adversities. They are widely known for their autonomy, their prickled surface and their love for sun and warmth.


SKU: 6-0167
  • 22x45cm

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