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Triple trunk of uneven heights, covered with coco palm fibers for an amazing lifelike appearance, supports arched, wide leaves placed consecutively on the higher axis of its trunks, of maxiumum height 280 cm. It constitutes the main piece of our "all time classics" collection and it is a tree that should be always present in any space! Spacegreen palm tree* the shady!
• It is a perfect choice for gardens, beach
•bars, restaurants and roof gardens that require an exotic atmosphere!
• Place it under a ceiling fan and let the jiggle of its leaves cool you naturally!
• Use its unique shading to create spaces of relaxation and serenity, both indoors and outdoors.
• Combine it with artificial palm trees of different hights, create marvelous palm groves and imagine travelling to beautiful, exotic places. Palm tree is considered to be a symbol of victory and triumph and is an ideal acquisition for anyone who wishes to to decorate their space with boldness!


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  • 280cm

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